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"I was lucky enough to have Zubin as my professional coach over the course of about 6 months during a very intense work assignment in Mumbai, India. Zubin was a fantastic coach. He really cares about both the personal and professional progress of his clients. On top of helping me with business negotiations, and team issues, he specifically worked with me on some conditioned response patterns that I was completely unaware of, that were affecting both my personal and business life. I'd like to give a five star shout out to Zubin. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take both their personal and professional life to another level."

Adrian Johnson, Head of Startupbootcamp Fintech USA, CEO - Startupbootcamp InvestTech

"Wow! That's the perfect word for Zubin's amazing work. His workshops, his wisdom, his knowing of his why! I was fortunate to hang out with Zubin when I was in Mumbai and will always appreciate his optimism and courage in bringing concepts of emotional intelligence into my life."

Pam Grout , #1 New York Times Best selling Author

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Zubin. I have worked with Zubin for 2 years and every time I'm amazed by his wisdom, vision, kindness and ability to help others. Zubin is an incredible change maker and will definitely impact and change your understanding of the world if you are lucky enough to cross his path. Zubin has tremendous leadership skills and helped me to make better informed decisions on many occasions, among many other things. I'm extremely glad to have Zubin in my corner and even more so to be able to tap into his skills, knowledge and expertise on a regular basis."

Alrick Pagnon ,Partnership Manager at Creative Innovation Global & Creative Universe University of Strathclyde- Australia

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