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"I truly appreciate your time n hospitality last night . I am taking and taken Meher Baba with Me. Hope to carry until eternity. I was supposed to connect with Meher Baba 4 years ago but didn’t because of my resistance and ignorance. Now I will connect with him on a minute basis. Thank you for being a great medium and genuine energy to connect me with the Divine . God bless you both a wonderful long prosperous fortunate and successful journey ahead. Just Be the way you both are. Thank you and Love to Milo❤ I didn’t connect with him. I guess I m on a guilt trip. I wasn’t there for my Rambo when he died. Since then I am avoiding touching or connecting pets. At times I don’t even know how to react. There was a time where I used to work for animal welfare. Today I am on my own selfish trip to earn money n my own niche in this world. Also the message was for me to connect to it. To let go And to let someone forgive n move on in life. Thank you so much both Meherpoonam & Zubin for Awakening My Soul to Meher Babas Divine Love ❤???In Gratitude ?"


"Zubin and MeherPoonam I am so grateful to both of you for your amazing healing distant and personal ! Zubin’s musical healing get my energy field into the right energy frequencies. I can feel everything is in harmony. MeherPoonam’s powerful touch healing is so loving and nurturing. Her energy is filled with soothing love. Last session she did touch healing on my Ajna and Solar Plexus which felt so relaxed so light so healed so energised. The congestion just vanished. All the consolidated healing is reflecting in my day to day life on my physical and spiritual plane. Most prominently I feel peaceful such that I don’t react to other people’s seeming hurting conduct the way I used to earlier. Which is extremely to do unless divinity is flowing to make you do so. Gratitude and blessings to these Earth Angels for being there with so much giving energy and unconditional love to share. All both of them want is love and only love."

Pallavi Chaudhary

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