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Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga

Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga

7 Dec, 2020

Yoga helps to develop physical and mental discipline in order to achieve a flexible body. It helps to manage stress and anxiety and keeps us in a relaxed state of mind. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. It improves our respiration and vitality. A daily practice of Yoga asanas builds strength, flexibility and confidence. Kunjan Paul, an expert on Yoga, Pranayama and Pre-natal Yoga discusses the Dos and Don’ts of Yoga.

Dos of Yoga

Yoga should be practiced in the morning
It is advised to practice Yoga in the morning. Upon waking up, it is advised to have two glasses of lukewarm water. You can also squash lemon in it. Kapalbhati and Vaman Dhauti or Kunjal kriya cannot be practiced in the afternoon or evening. It should be practiced early morning only side these kriyas support in having a better digestive system.

An airy room is recommended

Yoga should be practiced in an open and airy room. Keep the doors and windows of the room open. The room should be well ventilated. Have a designated place for practising Yoga where you will not be disturbed by other family members.

Green tea or black coffee is advised before a yoga session

If you have a habit of having tea or coffee in the morning, make sure you have green tea or black coffee which is healthy. It helps to release toxins from the body. Avoid milk or sugar in your tea or coffee.

The yoga mat should be sturdy

 Make sure the yoga mat is not slippery. Some people tend to sweat a lot. In that case, wear cotton socks to avoid slipping on the mat. Also, wear loose cotton clothes.

Breakfast regimen before and after a Yoga session

If you are waking up early in the morning, do not starve yourself. Eat an apple or a banana. Avoid citrus fruits in the morning. You can have walnuts, almonds, dates and raisins Avoid cashew nuts early in the morning. Eat a light breakfast before doing yoga. You can have eggs, oats or sprouted moong. 30 to 45 minutes post a Yoga session, you can have breakfast, in case you did not have breakfast prior to the session. It’s advisable to sit on the floor to have meals for good digestion.

Be mindful of your posture

You can take the support of a wall if you are not able to sit erect on the floor.  Beginners can also sit on the couch, cot or on the bed to practice yoga. The upper back and shoulders should be straight. Therapeutic Yoga is advised for people with medical conditions.

Stay hydrated

Keep sipping water during a Yoga session. Do not accidentally dehydrate yourself during the session, because it may lead to a feeling of giddiness, weakness and nausea.

Don’ts for Yoga

Don’t exert yourself. The Asanas should be done only until a point your body is comfortable with it. If you overstretch, it may lead to an injury or intense pain in the shoulders, spine and arms.

Restrict yourself from using a mobile phone during a session

Don’t use your mobile phone while practising Yoga. It’s advisable to put it on silent mode.

Ensure that you are not distracted by pets

Keep your pets in another room while you practise yoga so that you can focus on the instructions given by your yoga instructor while practising yoga at home.

Avoid listening to music

It is advisable not to listen to music while practising yoga. A piece of soothing music may make you feel extremely relaxed and you may tend to fall asleep during the session.
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