Yoga for Activating and Balancing the Third Eye Chakra |
Yoga for Activating and Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

Yoga for Activating and Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

25 Nov, 2020

The third eye chakra teaches us about vision, insight, and spiritual growth. You intuitively know what will help you grow and what will hold you back. When your sixth chakra is balanced, you trust your intuition and your perceive things as they are. The Sanskrit name for the third eye chakra is Ajna, which means to perceive. This chakra is located at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows, and it correlates strongly with mental energy. Our ability to imagine, dream, and our intuition are in alignment when the third eye chakra is balanced. When the third eye chakra is imbalanced, we lack the ability to make decisions. We tend to struggle with anxiety,  feel disconnected from our life purpose, and likely to have an overly-active imagination or an escapist mentality. Headaches and insomnia can also relate to an imbalance in this area. Discover the Yoga Asanas and breathing techniques to activate and balance the third eye chakra.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Be seated, adjust your feet and bring your hips close to your heels. Touch your forehead on the floor. This creates a light pressure and stimulates the third eye chakra. You may extend your hands forward or rest your arms by your sides. Rest here for several breaths, up to two minutes, and return to an upright position. If your knees or your feet struggle with this pose, keep a rolled blanket behind your knees or beneath the ankle joints. Elevate your head on a block or a pillow.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

 This accessible inverted posture brings your head below your heart and brings a powerful shift in perception. Face the long edge of the mat and keep your feet apart from each other as far as you can. Inhale and either hold a belt or towel behind your back or interlace your fingers behind you. With an elongated spine, exhale and hinge forward from your hips. Let your forehead come into contact with a block, a stack of books, or the surface of a chair or sofa. No need to strain your legs and back. Hold the pose for one to two minutes. Exit the pose by bending your knees and extending your spine.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

This powerful breathing technique brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It harmonizes the energy flowing towards the “rational” left brain and the “intuitive” right brain. Find a comfortable seat and take a few deep breaths. When you are ready to proceed, raise your right hand and rest your index finger and middle finger on your third eye chakra. Let your thumb rest on your right nostril. Rest your ring finger and little finger on your left nostril. Block your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through your left nostril. This powerful breathing technique brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Block your left nostril and release your thumb to exhale through your right nostril. Alternate this pattern of breathing from left to right and then right to left 10 to 15 times. If you prefer to visualize your breath moving in this pattern, it is possible to do this technique with your hands resting in your lap. In this version, imagine that your breath has a color and watch it make the shape of an inverted “V” that rises up the length of one nostril to the third eye chakra. Take three to four deep breaths through both the nostrils.
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