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Yoga Transformed My Life

4 Dec, 2020

Manoj Joshi (37), a resident of Nagpur, has been suffering from asthma since childhood. To make matters worse, he became a chain smoker over a period of time, which made it difficult for him to cope with asthma. Since the time, he started practising Yoga, he has noticed a remarkable improvement in his health. Manoj practices various Yoga Asanas and breathing techniques like Pranayama to relax his mind, body and soul. His life has completely turned around for the better and he now feels happy and optimistic, after taking sessions with a Thriive verified Yoga expert. Get to know from Manoj regarding his success story of coping with asthma, depression and a chronic back pain.

Yoga has been a lifesaver for me

I  was suffering from asthma since childhood. Since I used to often feel depressed due to my ill health, I had developed an addiction to smoking, when I was a young adult. Smoking gave me a temporary high but in the long run, asthma had become more severe due to my smoking habit. A colleague suggested that I should consult a Thriive verified online Yoga expert to help me stay relaxed. I scheduled a consultation with a Yoga guru and  since then, there was no looking back.

Yoga helped me to stay calm

My coach guided my perfectly and I loved attending the online Yoga sessions. I have been practicing Yoga for almost seven months now. Earlier, I used to get angry at the drop of a hat due to my health issues. But Yoga helped to ground me and stay calm.

Yoga worked like magic for my back pain too

 For almost a decade, I was suffering from chronic back pain. It was a result of all the emotional baggage that I carried within me, due to my ill health. After I started practising Yoga, I was surprised to notice that my body had become more flexible and my backache had reduced to a great extent. Earlier, I used to wobble while doing certain Yoga Asanas, but now I can practice with ease. Earlier, I doubted if a Yoga session per week, would make any difference, but I can now see that with continued practise and efforts, it helped me to transform my physical, mental and emotional world. Since I found peace within myself, I have cut down on smoking and I am working on quitting smoking completely.
I feel more connected with myself and  God while practising Yoga. I hope my story has inspired those who are struggling with health issues. I highly recommend consulting a Yoga expert. So, what are you waiting for? Book your consultation now.
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